Wednesday, August 06, 2008

sweet ella

i love baby girls.

ms. ella inspired me to seek out some fantastic fabrics worthy of a small persons wardrobe.

these finds were snatched, cut up and embroidered onto soft white baby tees.

i have also been knitting for the little one. my favorite color when i
was a girl was orange. now.. it calls to me again.

this cardigan originally began it's life to end up looking like the "chunky tweed cardigan" by erika knigh from the book baby bloom. this is my not so chunky and not even tweed interpretation. she's a summer baby :)

ok, guage is right but i ran out of yarn and was not able to find the same color. because of this i had to frog the sleeves and come up with an alternative.

sad to butcher the original beautiful pattern but in the end i did a single crochet around the front right & left and neck. also did a simple crochet border around sleeves and ta-da.

what i really like about this sweater is the silk ribbon embroidered flower. i dont know much about embroidery however.

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