Sunday, August 24, 2008

my portugal jenny

this is rowan jenny cardigan (back only) from rowan 37.
jenny was my companion on this trip and we were to spend a lot of time together. as it turned out jenny and i did not spend as much time together as i had anticipated. currently she is only a back, right and left front and the beginnings of two sleeves.

jenny is 7 skeins of rowan ryc cashsoft dk in color sh506. (57% extra fine merino, 33% acrylic microfiber & 10% cashmere) she is knit on us #3 & #6 needles. i substituted cashsoft for the handknit cotton dk used in the pattern & i knit a larger size to make up for the gauge.

if traveling to portugal and you happen to be in the neighborhood of estoril you must visit retrosaria fantasia- perhaps the best haberdashery shop i have been too. in addition to finding my portugal jenny buttons, i bought loads more for which i currently have no use for but would like to eat them like candy because they are so wonderful.

a quick note~ i have been traveling so much recently i have been a bad blogger. my travels in portugal took me by bus to sintra where i made my way walking through town~ passed my neighbor's favorite restaurant the lawrence, hiked up to the castelo da pena and then castelo dos mouros.

favorite things about portugal:

sadly, jenny went to the side once the ravery olympics began in favor of her near twin. as an attempt to better my knitting skills i decided to frog vintage lilac from knit today issue 22 and use the cashcotton dk for a jenny with beads.

cotton~ and what was i thinking?

beads~ and what was i thinking?

with help from one knutty knitter i learned a lot about bead knitting. the most valuable being that the beads i had bought for my pattern were two small. still i was encouraged to knit my project as planned by fellow knitters.

most useful bit-o-advice:

bead size suitable fiber 11/0 #8 perle cotton; d silk, #20 crochet cotton 10/0 #8 perle cotton; e silk 8/0 #3, 5, or 8 perle cotton; ff silk; lace weight and fingering weight yarn 6/0 (or 4mm diameter) a.k.a E or small pony bead #3 or 5 perle, crochet cotton; fff silk; rayon, fingering and sport weight yarn 2/0 aka small crow 20/10 silk; dk to worsted weight yarn 33/0 aka crow bead worsted weight yarn

this lady is a bead queen.


Leigh said...

These pictures are so beautiful! Where the heck are you? Are you still there?
PS - I sent Mom your blog so you will start to see some responses from her :)

lara griffiths said...

i have been a naughty blogger. i have been away so long i have not had time to post anything. i have some catching up to do!

yeah mum! HI!!!!!!