Friday, July 18, 2008

oqo soft battery case

i am on my 3rd revision of my oqo battery case for the gadget guy. the oqo is essentially a full personal computer that fits in your pocket.

cool, yes. battery life- poor. therefore, should you desire one, an extended life battery is a must.

this brings me to oqo battery pocket model 01 (not pictured): a small envelope made from wool felt outer, lined with fabric and using velcro flap closure so as not to damage the battery with metal or pressure.

the second generation of the oqo battery pocket (model 02) increased battery storage to two units and included a much needed stylist pocket which also did away with the outdated and somewhat problematic velco closure to be replaced by a twill tape tie. the fabric too has changed to a softer less stiff fleece knit for the outer pocket and a nice tartan flannel inner.

the 3rd generation pocket is rumored to be out sometime in the next few months.

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