Friday, July 18, 2008


meet ‘indulgence’ – my second pair of finished knit socks.
these slouch bed socks are a late birthday present present for my dear friend in boston.

book pattern from jo sharp home book number 4 (you can buy it here)

wool is jo sharp rare comfort mohair in multi (above)

mods: too many to mention. sadly this was a case of having made mistakes on the first sock only to have to repeat the same mistakes on the second sock. lucky for me i kept track of these annoying sock faux pas. so it will suffice to say that there were no real intentional modifications made to the pattern, just a little added individuality.


Leigh said...

I love my presents! These socks are the greatest! I have to say I love having such a talented friend, everyone is jealous and they should be! I have to say too that I have been going to the South End open air market on Sundays and it is truly the day of the week I miss you most. You would love it and would be as crazy as I am to go every Sunday just to see what new handmade sellers are there.

lara griffiths said...

happy very late birthday. jic- it was intentional that i chose the most vibrant colorway for the yarn.... of course any color matches black though.

Leigh said...

And that is why I love you! You know how every accessory must match the black : )