Saturday, September 09, 2006


after finishing the purple vest i am feeling a little braver and have decided to experiment with other yarns for this pattern. this will be the largest size i have knit in this pattern- for a two year old. i chose a white yarn that feels wonderfully soft and reminds me of a plush toy. the gauge is different from the pattern i am working with so i have had to make some alterations to get the dimensions right. for the substitute i chose caron bliss in snow. i cant believe how easy it is to work with given it is a boucle and the strand varies in size from quite thick to almost so thin you feels as if by knitting a stitch you will tear it off the needle. the result is a soft and textured knit. i have experimented with this yarn before thinking its texture would be perfect for home textiles. the problem was to make a relatively small pillow you need 5+ skeins of yarn so if frogged it pretty quickly- even for me.
this morning i completed the back. it is hard to see the texture in the picture but i will post the finished sweater when it is done.

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