Thursday, September 07, 2006

back to work?

well now that our guests have gone- it is time to get back to work. we really enjoyed the visit of anthony’s parents so now i am feeling a little lost without them.

time to focus…
getting my priorities straight here:
number 1 (& most important) find a job
number 2 (& so exciting) i have been entered into a holiday craft fair. this makes me a little bit nervous because the things i make have always been gifts- never for $. so i am hoping that people would actually pay for what i make. that is the hard part with knitting yarn. the cost of the finished project has to at least cover the cost of the yarn!

now the project also needs to be quick enough to make so that i have time to do other things such as priority number 1, eat and sleep. sadly, i live in texas- so nice big thick wooly yarn is out. (so are the traditional mittens, hats and scarves) i think i am left with children’s clothing. after some searching i found a vest pattern that might be weather appropriate for a texas winter.

i test knit one and kind of like it. i am working on another size of the pattern to see how it comes out. i also want to try it using other yarns to see the result.


tesco said...

I think these are fantastic! I bet you sell everything....

Anna said...

You will be a hit. I am certain of it.