Saturday, September 17, 2011

FO... free rapunzel

 my first tiny owl knits swap.

the gifter (me) is unknown to the spoilee (it's a secret, i cant tell). the gifter gets to stalk their spoilee by any means to make, buy or share something they will appreciate. A few simple questions were asked of everyone to get the gifter started such as: 
* what's your favorite/least favorite color?
* what's your favorite/least favorite fiber to wear or craft with?
* what's you favorite pattern?
* allergies?
you get the idea...

my spoilee is from canada, so i could not pass up the opportunity to knit something for the cooler weather that i currently long for.

(of course) i chose a tiny owl knits pattern.  

the goods~ 
2 skeins rowan big wool in a burgundy color
us size 13 circular needles
bit of matching ribbon for the braids

hoot! hoot! i hope she likes it :)

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