Wednesday, May 26, 2010

woo hoo

i know- it is sad to get so excited about a painted fence....

really we have stained it multiple times with little success and then... wow. the powers of a good painter and latex paint.

mer thank you for helping me with the color selection.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

banberry place

 my new finds :)

1) amy butler rainy days rain jacket
2) lola goes shopping..... all the goods~

1 yard Splashy Rose Persimmon 

1/2 yard Henna Garden Brown
1 yard Daisy Path Celery


and dont i love my new store??? banberry gave me a couple of yards of my favorite blogger/designer how about orange's

designer ribbon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

to finish what i started

or not...

honestly i spent the afternoon in search of projects not finished. where do they go? i have so many i am sure they could occupy their own island of misfit knit projects.

on the productive side i found and decided to frog my first "frogged" project. i had committed 5 skeins of rowan big wool to storm by kim hargreaves.

not sure what i was thinking when i decided to knit this. it really is not something i would wear. not flattering and a little boring to knit. i think instead i will use the yarn to make wrenna and see how it goes.

the only other find is a keeper~ from the same pattern book.

i began knitting "ward" back in 2008. back then i chose to knit a size medium (really i am an extra small)~ but i think i was thinking that the featured picture draped over a long sleeved top looked appealing. i have one skein of yarn to go. it is worth finishing even if it is too big in then end.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

some kinds of fruit

 happy mother's day to all of the wonderful mothers we love.

still trying to rid myself of this horrible cold. the idea of sleeping all day had occurred to me~ but idle hands.....

i have more tape measures than i know what to do with. almost every knitting project has put me in a position to need one when one is not handy... so i own more than i need. 

thank you to fellow blogger poppy lane for her tape measure cover tutorial.  
at least i can have fun covering them. 

our loquat tree now has fruit. it is an amazingly short period of time we have to pick them before they over ripen or the birds have them.  i am going to stew and freeze them for later ...

maybe time for a sunday nap...

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

at home sick

i am out sick today, exhaustion turns nasty cold, you know how it finally catches up with you?

and to the joy of my husband... no voice.  just a sad whisper without any means to inject meaning into my words.

happily i sleep a home and in between naps i complete the second to my pair of knit slippers.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

my feet hurt

 but are these shoes not worth it?

in an attempt to make friends with my feet after what i put them through i decided a nice sunday afternoon of knitting just for them might do the trick.

my first thought was how cute and seemingly simple these little slippers are.

a few minor changes to the gauge to use a substitute yarn, minor mathematical calculations and then car crash.

first i would like to thank fellow ravelry knitter tiny owls knits for her amy march's slippers

i did have the yarn the pattern called for but i had some cascade yarn pastaza left over from the log cabin socks i made for my father in law and i wanted to make something similar for myself.

the mods began by adding two more increase rows at the beginning, minor mathematical equasions to get the rest to self adjust and then i hit the heal.

it was like reading a foreign language. i love new techniques and i enjoy learning them even if it is the hard way. through around forty repetitions i called it quits on the instructions and decided to spend some time working short rows but ripped it out and decided in the end to cast off the 24 stitches i had remaining by splitting them in two (12 on each double pointed needle) and casting casting them off together using a third needle. it took me most of the afternoon to figure it out so i am done with it for the day.