Saturday, May 15, 2010

to finish what i started

or not...

honestly i spent the afternoon in search of projects not finished. where do they go? i have so many i am sure they could occupy their own island of misfit knit projects.

on the productive side i found and decided to frog my first "frogged" project. i had committed 5 skeins of rowan big wool to storm by kim hargreaves.

not sure what i was thinking when i decided to knit this. it really is not something i would wear. not flattering and a little boring to knit. i think instead i will use the yarn to make wrenna and see how it goes.

the only other find is a keeper~ from the same pattern book.

i began knitting "ward" back in 2008. back then i chose to knit a size medium (really i am an extra small)~ but i think i was thinking that the featured picture draped over a long sleeved top looked appealing. i have one skein of yarn to go. it is worth finishing even if it is too big in then end.

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