Saturday, January 30, 2010

sister and yarn goodness

last weekend dad and i drove to austin to see my sister who was visiting a friend. our plan was to have brunch at the south congress street cafe which turned into lunch because we got off to a late start. i highly recommend this joint and even more so i highly recommend not going over the weekend. however, should you decide to offer your custom to this popular SoCo eatery over a saturday or sunday~ expect a 45min plus wait. this worked out for dad and i because we were 45 minutes late.

sorry sarah...

amongst all of the retro airstream turned gourmet catering vans, old motels which used to rent by the hour turned nostalgic sleeping accommodations and over populated good restaurants is hill country weavers. known for their huge supply of almost any make of yarn including imported japanese yarn goodness producers habu~ this place will keep me occupied for hours.

the above recently acquired:
grey- berrocco ultra alpaca fine
brown- habu cotton nerimaki slub
gold/cream- habu silk mohair kusa
raspberry- habu non twist cotton boucle

Thursday, January 28, 2010

a little something for the new year

i have been looking for a yarn that would make a scarf that my mother in law bought a while back.. it was chenile and soft with little light weight puffs in it.

i found something similar when i fell in love with sageyarns poppin scarf and checked out her blog~ what wonderful and clear instructions on how to knit with this yarn. i checked my locals and as it turned out i had to order the yarn on line.

the goods:

1 full skein plymouth yarn poppin in white
needle US 10
pattern: poppin goofballs

i love the pattern but i have had 4 knots in one skein thus far…. not cool.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

and we are in a new year...

finally taking down the christmas decorations.... and i still have not sent all of my gifts out yet(!) it has been unusually cold here in texas~ not good for motivation. i am in my second week of weekend couch potato'ness'.

my holidays were tested with what patience i have while knitting lace, try as i might i went through many "learning opportunities" playing with different patterns. the project was lace trim for pillowcases. for the bamboo pillowcases i chose bamboo blend yarn and for the silk pillowcases i chose silk blend yarn.

i have yet to declare my resolutions for the new year.... but for my family and friends who have yet to receive their christmas presents, i am sorry.

so here it goes everyone~ for 2010 i resolve to start my christmas presents with time to finish them (again)~ and i apologize for spoiling your late (again) gift.