Wednesday, December 08, 2010

miss scarlett's new party frock

the pattern is "party dress by judith swartz published in dogs in knits.

the goods: 2 skeins louisa harding kimono angora pure.
us needle 4 & 6

here goes the story... well i thought i was off to a good start. little miss scarlett is nothing more than a peanut and i thought i would need to modify the smallest size (even though she has a healthy appetite and keeps a nice belly).

so i started off only casting on 183 stitches. when i was done with the dinner bell ruffle i went ahead and put it on her and it “looked” way huge. so i decreased the first round of garter stitch at every ruffle by one leaving me with 57 stitches (not working in the round).

when i got to the front leg opening i realized it was going to be too tight and decided to add the chest stitches and begin knitting in the round.. what a mess.

ended up knitting the ruffle around the bottom and increasing the front leg pick up stitches to 32 around the leg opening.

she loves it.

(showing off her belly)
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Chronic Ennui said...

She is completely adorable. I think my Maggie needs one of these.

Lupie said...

OMG how sweet does she look. I would need to put ten of these together for our Maggie.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

oh gosh -- how adorable is that!