Sunday, August 29, 2010

green owl

my sister likes lime green (at least i hope she still does). this little pattern was written by another fellow knitting blogger ~ my knitting basket. her owl coffee cup cozie can be found on her blog for free here. she has a lot of very interesting free patterns but this one caught my eye (and the other 107 ravelers who also knit one.)

being the 107th logged knitter of this pattern has me thinking that i hope someday she runs into someone somewhere... and find that the one thing they have in common is a knit owl coffee cozie.

i changed the pattern up a bit to accommodate the lime green lambs pride bulky by using size 7 needles (for a tight fabric) and only knit 4 owl repeats to fit the mug i chose.

i hope she enjoys it.

happy birthday sarah!

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Lupie said...

Love this cozie! I must look up this pattern.

stoptheshow said...
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stoptheshow said...

i do love it! it's sitting on my desk at work and makes me feel better about sitting in a dreary basement :(