Tuesday, December 15, 2009

happy baby knitting

meet miss scarlett's feather and fan baby cardi.

this was really fun to knit.

the goods:

us needle 9

cascade yarns 220 wool.. in a wonderful christmas green (less than 220 yards)

pattern thanks to leigh foster can be found here

beside the obvious modification (yes i got rushed for time and did short sleeves).. i also turned the collar inward and tacked it in rather than outward. i really did not like the way mine looked showing the purl side.

i have to admit i had moments where i was sure this was going to be WAY too small but to be sure i went out to baby gap and bought a size newborn-03m onesie to check for size. once i washed the pieces and blocked them it turned out to be big enough (i think) and the feel of the yarn was softer than when knitting.

i hope little miss scarlett likes green!!!


Lupie said...

So cute and it is on my must knit list.

Amanda said...

Thats very cute, Shes going to be one chic little lady.

Domie's Mom said...

That is so pretty! I really wish i had a little girl to knit for:)

Sure she will love it.

lunaticraft said...

Awww, so darling! Great color too!