Monday, April 28, 2008

beau rouge

mr cardinal sits in our tree above beautiful red geraniums, red roses and bright red pomegranate blossoms.

i plan on planting some wonderful red chile peppers although i think they need to be started inside.

this is less appealing only because my luck with indoor plants is known to be poor.

peu importe!

.......thank you ken for taking a photo of our yard bird... you are a wonderful photographer and a better brother.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i flip

in keeping with small- i introduce flip. little flip is a cheap alternative and extremely portable home video camera. flip fits in your pocket, comes in fun colors, runs on 2 aa batteries and records up to 60 minutes of high quality video. (complete with an internal usb connector, speakers and digital zoom)

all of you check your email as the adventures of little flip and my silly homemade videos may be coming your way…

“i” converted

enter my new best friend… mind you, we are still getting to know each other as it has been a long time since i befriended one. like puppy familiarizing itself with the scent of a new dog in the home i admire its appearance, move carefully around it and at times feel as though it owns me and i am rolling around on my back in submission…

but then we come eye to eye on things and i realize how much better off i am. it was hard saying goodbye to sony, i feel as though i am cheating on a high school boyfriend. but the older & wiser lara realizes she needs a larger screen with visible fonts and vivid colors with an enticing wafer-thin- anorexic-model style beauty.

welcome to your new home little macbook air.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

happy birthday little-g-man-poem

gavin had a little stuffed percy,

he won before the shamu show;

and everywhere that gavin went,

the stuffed percy was sure to go.

it followed him home from seaworld one day,

while he was visiting his auntie;

it made his parents giggle and say;

his uncle is sure a softie.

xoxo we love you very much little man xoxo