Wednesday, April 23, 2008

“i” converted

enter my new best friend… mind you, we are still getting to know each other as it has been a long time since i befriended one. like puppy familiarizing itself with the scent of a new dog in the home i admire its appearance, move carefully around it and at times feel as though it owns me and i am rolling around on my back in submission…

but then we come eye to eye on things and i realize how much better off i am. it was hard saying goodbye to sony, i feel as though i am cheating on a high school boyfriend. but the older & wiser lara realizes she needs a larger screen with visible fonts and vivid colors with an enticing wafer-thin- anorexic-model style beauty.

welcome to your new home little macbook air.


Anna said...

Welcome to the side of light and truth! You are now in the Mac club :) I love Macs. Will never ever go back to ridiculous PCs. I don't need my laptop to make me feel like an idiot.

Sarah said...

yay. i'm glad you finally gave in. is it super lightweight?