Saturday, February 09, 2008

honestly now, they must have gone too far…

it is more than just driving on the wrong side of the road now..

- illegal to use your cell phone and drive, not a surprise- but what about smoking behind the wheel or drinking (and i don’t mean a pint) when one can’t enjoy a cold bottle of water or soda on your journey what will happen to all of the roadside convenience stations?

and then there is london’s congestion charge. from what i understand can range from 5gbp to over 200.

but in an effort to make these overly intrusive laws palatable they now have come up with the ultimate in driving pleasure- the tom tom navigation system which you can purchase the additional voices (and characteristic personalities) of well known celebrities like hrh the queen, sharon and ozzy osbourne and my personal favorite- john cleese. while i am sure it is illegal to do the ‘silly walk’ and drive at the same time you can listen to ‘something completely different’ and just drive as you should with both hands on the steering wheel.

or not- (different) just mind numbingly brilliant. if only my mini cooper would refer to it’s ownership as a bunch of germans? talk about an identity crisis!

even though he did not write the ‘revocation of independence’ he should have.

he is officially allowed to keep me company on any drive.

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