Friday, January 25, 2008

knitting old to new

new books arrive in the post.

loop a fantastic knit shop in london has published a book of their sample knits that you lust after while wandering through their shop. the book takes a look at knitting from simple to very difficult to knit, all expensive to create but worth every penny projects.

and then there is louisa hardings new book ‘knitting little luxuries

everything in this book has attention to detail for the new knitter to the experienced and gives you the flexibility of choosing yarns that fit your personality or budget.

my rowan kid classic san antonio scarf gets a new twist. thank you leigh for your introduction to the very difficult to knit but at the same time wonderfully simple

‘ruffles’. i added a simple flower knit in kid classic

with a floral accent i made from vintage plas

tic beads.


Leigh said...

I love that I was actually able to show you something cool to knit with!

lara griffiths said...

i love it. however it did try my nerves at the beginning and could not be bought at any local shop.... after waiting for my ebay purchase to arrive and reading many online tutorials i figured it out....
thank you thank you thank you

Leigh said...

You know, isn't bad for ordering yarn. I ordered the ruffles and the cotton yarn I used for your spa cloths I made. I like that site because most of the free patterns are for beginners and are relatively easy.

Sarah said...

this one is super pretty, i like all the ruffles!