Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy christmas

gram christmas wreath

this year was the year to replace grams wreath. i also decided to try my hand at quilting. my fairly easy project came from amy butler's in stitches book that i have been “eye-ing” (the bad pun will be explained) for a while.

i have always been a fan of marimekko and now at crate and barrel stores you can purchase their fabric. not only can you purchase the fabric but you can now buy a make-your-own fabric wall art kit. i did not go that far- as of yet but i did dip into a selection of multi color cottons which at the time i had bought with the idea that i will surely find a use for. lucky for me it was not too long before i realized i needed to get my gifts in the post and i poured over my books in search of an idea. in comes the beautiful quilted eye mask; great for a holiday hang over or flight to visit your friend who somehow ended up in texas.

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