Saturday, July 07, 2007

happy birtday darlin'

we love you very, very, very much

a lot has happened over the past 6 months. my husband’s parents came to visit and made a trip with me to the vet (they live abroad). while in the waiting room my mother-in-law got in a friendly conversation with a lady who had brought in her 1 ½ year old female boston terrier. the reason her young terrier was in the vet was because the ladies son has an illness and had attempted to drown the puppy unknowing of the consequences of his action.

two weeks went by when my in-laws left and they decided they very much wanted to get in touch with the owner to offer their support should they feel they could no longer care for the dog. i phoned my vet and had my name put in her file. now, 6 months later we received a call from our vet saying the owner could no longer look after her dog. at this point my in-laws had already adopted a pet. i phoned the owner and said we would be happy to adopt her but would like the opportunity to introduce her to our two dogs to make sure they all could get along.

when we arrived it was quickly apparent that there was no way we could leave her in her current condition. she was the smallest of three boston terriers they owned and she had open bite wounds all over her, major hair loss due to stress, an abscess on her underside and we later found out she had staff infection. she has no hearing at all due to the drowning incident 6 months prior.

we took her home and to our vet. she is now a healthy loving and playful puppy. her previous owners contacted us to let us know her birthday was yesterday, july 6th and she is now two years old~ they keep in touch and miss her dearly.

“happy birthday darling.

we love you very very very much” *

*(bright eyes ‘at the bottom of everything’ 2005)

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