Tuesday, August 08, 2006

mini takes the states

august 18th marks the beging of the road trip to end all road trips rally. i am one of 6000 beautiful coopers taking part. my registration materials have just arrived in the post & i think they are positively worth sharing.

the kit came with:
1)mini takes the states tavelogue
(where you can go through state customs and get your "passport" stamped at each rally point, mark off the license plates as you see them, keep track of your new motoring friends & keep a travel log on each location)
2)registered mini takes the state wrist band in order to participate.
3)mini quarantine kit
(for use to get you out of the office and on the road for the whole journey. complete with official letter to boss explaining illness.)

sadly i can't make my planned trip from the albuquerque/amarillo/dallas leg because we have family coming to stay- but i am planning on kidnapping them and hitting the road to take place in the dallas events


tesco said...

when does the dallas portion begin? i'm heading to dallas soon....i think....

lara griffiths said...

dallas is an over-nighter saturday aug 26-27th. details are not yet posted as to the events.... still waiting