Monday, April 25, 2011

mask envy

black and white 
with a blue ribbon to match.
i hope she likes it. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy saturday part deux

see all these goodies? they came from the first ever yellow rose fiber producers fiesta.
yes i could have bought the place up and brought home an alpaca for a pet, who wouldn't? to add to my stash of to be projects yet to come is a hand painted (in golden yellow) 70% bamboo/ 30% cotton fine lace weight yarn from fiberlady, also from her i bought the hand painted spinning fiber in peach cobbler (more of a soft warm light rose color) which is 50% bamboo/ 50% natural fawm alpaca and soft as a feather.  the beautiful brown yarn is from bluebonnet hills alpaca ranch. it i 425 yards of 2ply 100% alpaca yarn with no dyes in it's natural color as a thank you for my english friend for her swap gift.

 i would love to take you home...


 beautiful handmade spindles from kcl woods 
i would love to take you home....


 i took you home... and you

i want it all....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

happy saturday part 1

hoot! hoot! i received my tiny owl knits swap package from a wonderful english knitter, such a long journey for such a precious parcel to make....

the pattern is it is october glory by canerysanctuary. but wouldn't it make a great little sexy corset??? (and i think it is just my size)
a few more pics of the beautiful detail of her knitting...


2 skeins of rowan romance and see the knit sea urchin that also came with it?

really i have not even gotten to the best part. these are two original art works by her for ME! (yes i am getting them both framed!)

i know, right about now you (and I) am thinking 'stop the press' this is the coolest gift ever... and still in amazement there is more.....

there is this handy fairy notebook perfect for keeping my pattern notes (for my favorite tok pattern gnome home which was also sent to me early as part of the gift to tell me the package had been mailed, a beautiful necklace of leaves and beads and little tiny owl buttons.....

(so much love in such a small package)

thank you fellow blogger woolybug, thank you so much!