Saturday, January 08, 2011


i recently became a fan of quince and co. they have beautiful yarns in beautiful colorways. i found a designer that i really liked and chose her pattern bristol's cowl. the pattern uses one (hopefully because that is what i ordered) or possibly 2 skeins quince puffin.

well i have learned that i can not read knit charts.

rip, rip, rip.

i am becoming as good at un-knitting as i am at knitting.

my confusion? (please note that if you own the pattern you may regard me as stupid)

i worked the first 3 attempts using 13 stitch repeats (with rows 1-8) thinking the m1l and m1r on the chart equaled m1l= m1l and knit the original stitch & the m1r= m1r and knit the original stitch. every row ended with one extra stitch (as 77 is not divisible by 13). i caught on and bit my lip so i would not cry and just now started working in the pattern as written.

(i am a written pattern girl now terrified of charts.)

i am planing on making 2 of these .... so i will learn.

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Monday, January 03, 2011

sunday breakfast

broiled grapefruit

the tasty goodness~
grapefruit sliced in half and segmented
2 tablespoons harveys bristol cream sherry poured on each grapefruit half followed by 1 teaspoon brown sugar sprinkled on top
broil in preheated oven till brown sugar melts

happy new year