Friday, September 30, 2011

back from japan

oh i have so much to share but above all, worth even the worst case of jet lag, it is worth going if ONLY for their shoe accessories. 

above snidel pumps
shoe belt (accessory from average shoe shop) used to YEAH keep those super high heels from slipping 
shoe belt flower clips. or you could get bows, ribbons, what ever you fancy!

truly a country full of shoe love.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a little knitting happiness with wool from woolybug

woolybug sent me this gorgeous rowan yarn romance.... given it was part of my tiny owl knits gift swap care package i chose to whip up a sweet tiny owl knits pattern with it (btw this one is for free!)

2 skeins rowan romance
us size 10.5 needles
crochet hook 
2 matching buttons 

turned it into a pillow- love it and my little one loves it too. the only modifications i made was to add a single row of crochet scalloped edging to the finished border.

day dreaming.....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FO... free rapunzel

 my first tiny owl knits swap.

the gifter (me) is unknown to the spoilee (it's a secret, i cant tell). the gifter gets to stalk their spoilee by any means to make, buy or share something they will appreciate. A few simple questions were asked of everyone to get the gifter started such as: 
* what's your favorite/least favorite color?
* what's your favorite/least favorite fiber to wear or craft with?
* what's you favorite pattern?
* allergies?
you get the idea...

my spoilee is from canada, so i could not pass up the opportunity to knit something for the cooler weather that i currently long for.

(of course) i chose a tiny owl knits pattern.  

the goods~ 
2 skeins rowan big wool in a burgundy color
us size 13 circular needles
bit of matching ribbon for the braids

hoot! hoot! i hope she likes it :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

a post about the lack of posting

a fellow blogger and dear friend of mine and i were talking the other day. both of us love to blog and both of us seriously behind. all of the prep had been done, the photos to share chosen and then we moved on to chronicle the next post. so on my computer sit many post of the forgotten (recent to not so recent) past.

and where do i pick up? do i show off my new handbag that i choose to sleep with every night? post my charity projects? gift knitting? swap projects? selfish knitting i have done for myself?

for now i will share my new handbag.... aka "pillow"