Saturday, March 29, 2008

in celebration of our friend’s wedding…

my first camouflage wedding… and to wear to the festivities i present my camouflage bracelet….

wishing our friends many years of happiness together!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

dedicated young follower of fashion…finished

late for christmas but just in time for a birthday is my own designed little person’s backpack for one special little boy!

construction: corduroy outer, cotton dog print inside with a magnetic snap closure and a key chain pet for friendship.

Monday, March 24, 2008


anna you are right

if i was a bag.....

burberry patent mini manor bag.......

i would be this bag!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

anthropologie-inspired capelet

a quick fix and highly recommended free pattern from peony knits blog. (thank you peony knits)


5 balls rowan holiday in shale

1 hank of louisa harding thalia in #1 (above)

*a quick note about rowan holiday yarn- i choose it because i was looking for something that would work as a substitute that would be comfortable in the texas heat- it is a loose cotton gauze yarn that knits to the same gauge as the pattern.

my mods:

-added true raglan sleeve shaping

-lengthened by 3 inches in length & 1 inch to the width for a looser fit.

-ended last row (and c/o) of sleeves and body with thalia and added a single crocheted boarder on front sides for contrast.

Monday, March 17, 2008

looking for a bunny to adopt?

well the bunny i will adopt is a difficult choice of wonderful whimsy chocolate lovely bunnies.

or you can myo.

inspired from a william sonoma catalog~ little bunny gets a new life. rather than a tiny tasty morsel, he becomes a furry easter friend

for my nephews (with the thanks of the san antonio express news newspaper as a pattern sheet)

you can download (or read the latest san antonio local news) the full size pattern here.


Saturday, March 01, 2008


trucks is a favorite word of my nephew. what can you make on a budget of $4.60 that involves trucks?

lolly pop mold $1.79
lolly pop sticks $1.79
large box of assorted crayons (non-toxic) $0.99

instructions can be found here.

1) the smell of melting crayon is horrible
2) it takes about 9-10 minutes to melt 6 crayons (enough for one mold) stir every 3 minutes.
3) don't freeze to cool- it will leave a white discoloration on the edges.

if i was a bag…

....this is the bag i would like to be. this fab find can be bought from seller beanblossom on etsy. i received mine in the post yesterday!

thank you beanblossom.

now if i was opal- this is the bag i would want to be… unfortunately she is sulking. perhaps she knows there is a opal look alike soft and chewable toy sitting above her safe from her hungry paws.