Sunday, October 28, 2007

welcome little ms fiona

congrats to our friends who are enjoying their second baby girl!

make your own lanyard

a card crafty friend of mine at work came up with this wonderful idea for the grand opening of the new hotel on our property. she took the invitation and carried the theme through to our name badges which we hung on beaded lanyards in the colors of the new hotel. each lanyard was different and made by each of us with the beads she bought.

i am sending mine off to a friend.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

home sweet home

farmer dad is back. i love the idea that he comes when his garden is in season. my favorites are his pomegranates. we have youthful trees from his best varietals in our yard. we have a few years before they mature to produce but we now have his to enjoy…

tonight during his visit we enjoyed a selection of cheese and apple.

cheese selection to include:

belgium chevagne

isle of mull aged cheddar

doux de montagne

austin hopelessly blue goat's milk cheese

Monday, October 15, 2007

boy? girl?

meet “sweetie pie”

and meet “pumpkin”

you cant go wrong with these.

i have to admit i have been thinking of this project for some time now. i love the idea of iron on vinyl. wipe clean and clear~ perfect for a bib. i also like the idea of having made-for-project seam binding. as i am a november baby i had to choose the pumpkin.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

this is our house

as my husband sees it~

but to me it is one big happy closet. i do not think i finish half of the projects i start. this bed was bought in an antique shop many years ago by my father for me. we were on a driving trip and happened to stop in a small town and there it was. its restoration has been rewarding but for me i have taken a back seat to the project while every visit my father makes, it gets closer to completion.

he is coming for a visit soon and i hope by putting this in writing that i manage to get the bed finished and set up in his bedroom.

if not~ i am sure i have a closet to store it for the next time....

you know it is fall when....

yes the yummy beer hits to shelves of your favorite supermarket. my favorite supermarket is whole foods flagship store in austin. we are so in love with this place that we often spend our weekend free time taking the 60 mile drive north just to buy groceries. don’t get me wrong- it is much more than just a grocery store~ it is a shopping experience. full of plenty of sample cooking stations, knowledgeable staff, multiple restaurants in different themes which seem to just sit in the open style market-type areas and so many products it could easily take a shopper a good three hours to walk the store. (not to mention you can walk around sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a seasonal beer) this is a place we always take visitors and when you are there you get the feeling that this is a tourist attraction to many people.

even better there just happens to be in the same town the be-all & end-all of fabric stores. now i have to put my christmas thinking cap on.

thank you craftorama. i love my new fabrics.

Monday, October 01, 2007

rat snake for leigh- no spider

ok leigh- i will not put our spider friend up for viewing pleasure. especially becasuse it was me who had to call for help taking her (and her nest of babies) out of commission.

i am happy to share our juvenile rat snake. with hope she will just move on to a new home and leave our yard~ i chose not to disturb her. well, other than a picture while she had a nap in the day's sun.